Jason Momoa buys house in Perryopolis

By Willie Stroker 


If you thought your social media feed was done being blown up by news of Jason Momoa’s trip to Fayette County, think again.  In a story the Fayettenam Times broke yesterday, the Game of Thrones star who was in the area to film a Netflix movie last month has reportedly bought a house in Perryopolis.  Momoa is now the proud owner modest of a two story house on Hancock Street. It is unclear at this time if Momoa has purchased the house to reside in, or if he has other intentions for the home.  In unrelated news, there has been over a 3,000% increase for housing inquiries in Perryopolis this week. Real estate agents claim that most of the inquiries are from local divorcees and lonely housewives whose husbands work long hours.

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