Advertising space limited as cat joins growing list of sponsors


If you’re looking to advertise with a proven winner, time is running out!  Yet another advertising slot was purchased today by Sorren the Cat!  Sorren was rescued from Catnip Acres by Kaitlyn Jarzynka, and he currently resides in Perryoplis, where he awaits the arrival of Jason Momoa. Sorren has helped himself into his family’s heart as well as to her credit card!  When Sorren first contacted us we thought this could possibly be a joke, until our editor-in-chief, Perry, sarcastically asked him when he would be sending us the advertising money (only $10 a week!).  Sorren quickly replied, “Right MEOW!” Sure enough, the payment was accepted, and we now know 2 things for sure. Sorren is quite the demanding cat, and don’t leave your credit cards at home with pets!

If you would like to adopt a bossy little man just like Sorren, CLICK HERE!

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