Bigfoot sighting in Uniontown Trailer Park

By Dixie Normous


Fayette County has been no stranger to Bigfoot sightings throughout the years. From the rolling hills of Dunbar, to the dense forests of Smithfield, Bigfoot sightings continue to occur in our backyards. Unfortunately, no one has been able to capture irrefutable photographic proof of the mythical creature, until now. Wendell Swink and his “old lady” Tammy, of Holiday Mobile Park, were in for the surprise of their lives early Sunday morning when a Sheetz run turned into a face to face encounter with Sasquatch himself. Wendell describes:

“We was just partying and we got a little hungry. Tammy say she had a few bucks left on her card so I was like let’s go up Sheetzes. We went up through the woods you know, so the police didn’t get us, when we seen right there a humongous hairy ape looking thing just looking at us. He didn’t move or nothing. Just stood there looking he did. Then he give Tammy a black eye. We started running back to the park and I just l turned around and took a picture with my phone.”

Local skeptic Julie Martinez from Fayette Friends of Animals claims that the objects in the picture are nothing more than trees that appeared to be Sasquatches due to the couple being under the influence of meth. Tammy declined comment, however she was treated at the Uniontown Hospital Emergency room for blunt force trauma to her left eye, apparently the victim of a Sasquatch attack.

Wendell’s response to Julie’s theory: “We ain’t even do meth when it’s Tammy’s weekend to have the kids. Them’s real Sasquatches.”

8 thoughts on “Bigfoot sighting in Uniontown Trailer Park

  1. Wow, I don’t feel so bad now. I saw a couple of them bigfeets just the other day. Coulda might of been the same ones!

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