Bitz of Glitz gets blitzed by train hating Karens throwing fits!

By Ben Dover


On Friday Bitz of Glitz Boutique in Uniontown was reprimanded by Facebook after a user with a particularly sore rectum reported the page for hate speech. 

The offensive post was apparently of a Trump Train 2020 t-shirt. 

Initially people believed the controversy stemmed from Donald Trump being on the shirt, but it was later found out to be the train that caused the backlash.

Karens Against Trains (KAT) released this statement:

“We will not support any store that backs loud, filthy trains. They smoke in public areas and kill over 300 squirrels a year with their big train wheels. We will out you for the deplorable you are and then we will ask to speak to your manager.”

As of writing it is unknown which Karen filed the complaint.

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