Brownsville crackhouse deemed national historic landmark

By Jed I. Knight


A house at the end of Pearl Street in Brownsville was slated for demolition in early spring.  When local residents heard about the historic house’s impending doom they took to the internet and contacted the State Historic Preservation Office, then started a petition to designate it as a national landmark.  Their wish was granted on Friday as the Pearl Street Crackhouse was named a national historic landmark.  

“Back in the day when the steel industry shut down Brownsville fell on hard times.  We was supposed to be as big as Pittsburgh was, but then nobody could find jobs so we all just started making crack,” said Pokey Furlong, the man who spearheaded the campaign to save the house.  

“A crackhouse is an abandoned house that you sneak into, then you take your cocaine and make yourself some crack,” Furlong added.  “You smoke it and sell it out of there long enough and everyone just starts thinking you live there. And this was the first of its kind in the nation.  We got the first crack pipe in there. The first ever overdose happened in the bathroom. You tear down this house, you tear down the history of Brownsville.”

19 thoughts on “Brownsville crackhouse deemed national historic landmark

  1. Wow. . So I mean what your saying is come to this house and smoke crack? No wonder people can’t get better and do better. And can’t get people away from there to get help…. Just wow

  2. The one reason it will stay the way it is. People who run Brownsville promote tourism with crack house .spend some money on Bowmans castle.all grant money wasted on flatiron bulding.

  3. Nothing to be proud of . They should work on building Brownsville up again. It was a nice little town growing up there until the drugs came. Why dont they make it nice again and have people want to move and live there to raise their family. Instead people are moving out in hopes of a better place to raise children. The place went to shit and now they want to be proud of a crack house???…really people?? smfh ridiculous bs…it’s a damn eye sore !

  4. Its the one reason it will stay the same. The people who make the decisions for Brownsville promote tourism with a crack house ! Spend some money on Bowmans castle instead of all grant money going to the Flatiron building.

  5. Seriously, y’all. Take a joke. It’s satire. It’s written by Jed I. Knight 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️ The quote at the bottom is referring to “Fayettenam” quoted by Martin Luther King Jr. Come on, people. You’re not honestly even considering this true. Tell me y’all are smarter than that 😂

    1. You’re asking “natives” of FayetteNam if they can understand satire? Ha! that’s even more funny then the article

  6. It’s a joke! Don’t you people know a joke when you see it! I bet you all believe everything you read on the internet!

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