Closed restaurants forcing couples to dine with crying babies alone

By Justin Sider


One unfortunate aspect of the restaurant closings across Pennsylvania due to COVID-19  is that couples are being forced to eat dinner at home with their crying children.

“I really miss going out to eat with my hubby and getting seated next a table with a child screaming bloody murder”, said Nancy Bakewell.

It is unknown when restaurants in Pennsylvania will be able to open again.  Brittany Jones, whose son Liam just turned 2 said, “It’s just so lonely to listen to Liam cry with nobody here to enjoy it.  Half the fun of dining out is seeing the delight on people’s faces when he’s screaming so loud they can’t hear each other.”

Cindy Hawkins, a waitress at Applebee’s also misses the discontent little angels.  “I just want things to go back to normal. I miss hearing other people’s kids screaming like wild banshees until they turn red and spit up all over the booths.”

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