Concerned Woman Drops Down to 2 Packs of Cigarettes a Day

By Justin Sider


Margaret “Large Marge” Adams, 52, of Dunbar has taken extreme measures over fears of the Coronavirus.  

Adams has vowed to cut back from smoking 3 packs a day of her Maverick Menthol 100s, down to only 2 packs a day.  The concern stems from fears that smoking all 3 packs may have a negative impact on her health should she contract the deadly Coronavirus.

“Them boys that bring my oxygen told me if I get that cold that’s goin’ round even my old air tank might not help me,” Adams said in her raspy voice.

We asked Adams what she is doing with all the extra packs of cigarettes she is accumulating.

“I done gave a couple packs to my daughter. The rest I’m gonna keep in my freezer right next to the Steakums,” she said.

Adams is also taking extreme measures to prevent contracting or spreading the virus.

She said, “They said I should only go out if I ‘haffta’, so I only went over to Speedy’s twice so far this week for some scratchies.  I ain’t won nothin’ yet neither, so ain’t got no reason to go back ‘till my check comes.”

We asked Adams if COVID-19 was causing any other disruptions to her lifestyle.

“I just can’t wait to get out of this trailer and head down to bingo.  I got three dogs runnin’ around stirrin’ up my asthma,” she said.  

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