Confused parents say snobby teen daughter refuses to marry pot dealer

By Justin Sider 


If you thought arranged marriages were a thing of the past, maybe you haven’t been to Lenox Street in Uniontown lately.

Cindy and Big Pete Clevenger’s Daughter, Taylor, 17, of Lenox Street was arranged to be married to Johnny “Pappy Jr.” Price, of South Mount Vernon Ave, at the courthouse next year.  Taylor’s parents had planned on her to have started dating Johnny by now. However, it seems Taylor has other plans.

“I just want to finish high school and go to college.  I’m not even really thinking about a serious relationship or having children yet,” Taylor says.

Cindy Clevenger is disappointed by her daughter’s decision.  “All our neighbors are grandparents. I’ll be 34 this year and still ain’t got me no grand kids to spoil,” says Cindy.

Big Pete is even more frustrated over the situation.  He told us, “He’s a good kid! His old man, Pappy sold my old man coke.  His pappy, Pappy Sr. sold my pappy shrooms back in the day. I might be in an out of County, but I didn’t raise no snob.”

Pappy Jr, a local small time pot dealer, just hopes Taylor will change her mind.  He said, “I don’t know why she gotta be so stuck up yo.  I’m out here hustlin like a playa do, and I ain’t got no baby girl to gimme a ride to Walmarts when I get off work at 3am.”

Taylor insists the marriage is not going to happen. “I go to work every day after school, at Wendy’s, dealing with people’s (expletive) to pay for my car.  I don’t want his broke ass in it.”

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