Crazy Cat Lady Hosts Dinner for 26

By Pat Myaz


New Salem PA – Amy Millington hosted Easter dinner for her family despite warnings from the World Health Organization, Governor Tom Wolf and even President Donald J Trump.

“I don’t see the big deal, man,” Millington said. “Some of my kids run around the town at night, and Puma Thurman and Mr. Freckles even brought a couple guests to dinner.  Just some good kids they found down the street. They’ve fallen on really tough times since the shutdown,” she said.

Authorities have strongly advised against Easter gatherings, but Millington insists a sense of family tradition is the most important thing to her family right now.

“Every year I cook up a big old ham with all the fixings and we sit around the table listening to stories and telling jokes,” she said.  “Buster always eats too much, and ends up throwing up in the mashed potatoes, and Meowly Cyrus always gets baked with some catnip in the upstairs bathroom. It’s about tradition,” she continued.  

Even our own Fayettenam Times mascot, Sorren the Cat, stopped over for Easter dinner.  Millington says she is even considering expanding her family during this crisis, offering to adopt her two dinner guests.

“Everyone cried listening to the Notorious C.A.T. tell his story of life on the streets. The shutdown has forced them to rummage through garbage cans and dumpsters just to survive. And Cat Sajak made himself right at home inside an old Amazon box.  This is what family is all about, Millington said, teary eyed.

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