Dentist says putting meth in easter eggs is worse than candy

By Anita Hanjaab


For western Pennsylvania Easter signals the beginning of spring. What better way to spend a beautiful Easter morning than watching your children hunt through the green grass to find plastic eggs filled with candy, small toys, or even money?

The village of Searights however offers a different take on the Easter tradition. This year is the 7th annual “Look Til You’re Cooked Adult Easter Egg Hunt.”

Every year the residents of the small patch town get together and fill the little plastic eggs with various illicit drugs. Marvin Ellsworth, 32, from Seirights says, “Some them eggs just got a little bud in em. But we take some and put our meth in em. We even got one golden egg with some coke. I found that one twice now. They say I got a nose for it.”

We asked Doctor Robert Mitchell from Aspen Dental about whether candy or meth would be easier on teeth. Mitchell said, “Definitely candy. We all know sugar can cause cavities, but we can fix cavities. Meth just kind of rots your teeth out because it is very acidic, so you want to enjoy it sparingly. Plus it’s bad for your completion.”

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