Doctor believes Coronavirus may be spreading through time

By Willie Stroker


Uniontown hospital emergency room physician and Back to the Future fanatic Emil Gladstone has proposed a shocking theory. He believes the Coronavirus could now be spreading via person to person contact, and even through time itself.

Gladstone described his theory to us, “Think of all the mysterious deaths over the years… John Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur. Yes, Tupac was shot, but it wasn’t the first time.  Did he really die of the gunshot wounds or did he contract the Coronavirus while he was recovering, hm?”

If COVID-19 is spreading through time it may raise more questions than answers.  “I’m certain the virus is temporal in nature, but the real question is, is the virus coming forward through time from the past, or is it coming back from the future? Could the Coronavirus have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, or could we be on the verge of cloning new dinosaurs that will one day evolve to create the Coronavirus and send it back through time?”

Time will tell if the Coronavirus was sent from the past or the future, no pun intended.  The one thing that is certain however is that Uniontown Hospital is once again on the cutting edge of medical science.

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