Dunbar residents learn hand washing techniques but still struggling with showers and deodorant

By Willie Stroker


Wednesday afternoon the Dunbar Volunteer Fire Department gave a free lesson in modern hand washing techniques. 

The seminar focused on hard questions like should a person wash their hands before or after they go pee.

Fire Chief Reggie Hayes said, “We had a lot of great feedback. Some really tricky questions were asked. Like, ‘Do I have to wash my hands if no one is in the bathroom with me to see?’ That’s a real gray area indeed.”

Most of the attendees were able to grasp the basics of hand washing but when Hayes moved into advanced areas of hygiene like proper application of body wash and the differences between deodorant and antiperspirant some people became confused.

“We could just tell people was losing interest when they started carving crude pictures of John Deere tractors into the table with their buck knives,” Hayes explained. He continued, “But hey, like we say round these parts, Pechins wasn’t built in a day.”

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