Exclusive interview with Perryopolis resident Jason Momoa

By Justin Sider 


Jason Momoa has granted the Fayettenam Times an exclusive interview after his widely publicized decision to move to Perryopolis. We sat down with Jason on Sunday afternoon.

Fayettenam Times:  Mr. Momoa, thank you for granting this interview.  So what made you decide to actually move to Perryopolis?

Jason Momoa: You may call me Khal. The good people of Rinnie’s Place treated me with respect.  Their obedience was not forgotten. It is important that I protect my Khalasar.

FT: That seems kind of weird, but how will this move affect your movie career, Khal?

JM: I have already informed the studios of my decision.  All of my movies will now be filmed in Perryopolis and the surrounding locales.

FT: You mentioned helping defend Perropolis from threats for the west.  Were you referring to Fayette City?

JM: Fayette City and beyond.  For right now I just want to find a stable job, and get myself a reliable car before assuming a leadership role.  

FT: Thank you for your time, Khal.  Is there anything you want to leave the residents of Perryopolis with?

JM: I only ask that you never forget that Rinnie’s Place offers a delicious $3.99 breakfast special from 6am until 11am.  Your Khal demands it.

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