Expert says ninja birthday parties could be totally sweet but also deadly

By Jed I. Knight


As if Perryopolis wasn’t already turning into the Twilight Zone, one local business is now offering ninja birthday parties. Rock n Rolls All Star Cheer is advertising the ninja parties on their marquee off of route 51.

We spoke with Perryopolis resident Hanzo Ishakowi about what ninja birthday parties might be like. Ishakowi claims to be one of the last known real ninjas in the world. He said, “Ninja is totally sweet, but also cloaked in shadow. Ninja is greatest stealth assassin and formidable combatant. If you have ninja at your birthday party you would not know until it was too late. Skills of a ninja are very cool. Ninja can be totally awesome but can also disembowel without warning.”

It seems turning another year older might not be the only scary thing about these birthday parties.

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