Fayette County Debuts on Netflix: Local Politicians Mistakenly Take Credit

By W.B. Mason


‘I am Not Okay With This’ debuted on Netflix last week. For our readers who cancelled Netflix to stream Disney +,  the show was predominantly filmed in Fayette County’s very own Brownsville. 

Ah Brownsville, Fayette County’s little Detroit. Land of public housing and home of the blight. The show was looking for a run-down town to film in and they hit the Powerball, baby! Overgrown weeds, abandoned buildings, and creepy dark alleys as far as the eye can see. Somewhere Stephen King is taking notes on this place. 

Anyways, as the show began to stream on Netflix, it didn’t take some local politicians long to start stomping around town telling anyone who would listen that it was their fearless leadership that made the show possible. 

Wince Useedeez said, “This is a victory for Fayette County. Several decades of inaction, no development, a decreasing population, and a plethora of blight has gone into making Brownsville the perfect locale for just such a series. Finally, our plan came together! The stars and planets have finally all aligned! Make the town shitty enough to attract filmmakers looking for an authentically destitute setting! GENIUS! PERFECT! BRAVO!”

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