Fayette County man cheated by KFC, demands justice!

By Rod Gozinya


Local man, Vernon Chandler claims to have been swindled by KFC. Chandler claims he has been shorted on the family buckets, which range in price from $19.99 to $2,699 depending on how many sides you want to add. Chandler also claims KFC is also cheating him on the amount of sauces he receives. Chandler asked the Fayettenam Times to intervene, and we promised to get to the bottom of his injustice.

We asked assistant manager, Adah Chick├ín, from the Uniontown KFC to respond to Mr. Chandler’s claim. She said, “I don’t know what all the squawk is about. Ain’t like it’s our job to count every piece of chicken just because Mr. Chandler is hungry. If he’s got a bone to pick he can come talk to me beak to beak. Mr. Chandler is a bad egg and he won’t come face me because he’s too chicken.”

Until this matter is resolved it seems like Mr. Chandler will still be enjoying those dry biscuits without any butter.

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