Former Bronx resident who only eats pizza having hard time adjusting to Fayette County

By Justin Sider 


Joe Romano, formerly from the Bronx, is having a hard time adjusting to Fayette County life. 

Romano, who was raised on only pizza since he was a boy, explains, “Nothing around here really opens up until noon, you know what I mean? I get a pie for lunch and then around 6pm I get my dinner pie, but then everything closes up shop by ten.  What about a midnight snack? Pizza joints are supposed to stay open late, it’s just bananas.”

We asked Romano if there were any other foods he might be interested in. “Just pies really, that’s what my momma raised me on. I can get Domino’s late, but yooz guys know that nobody wants that spazzatura. You got Sheetz, you got Taco Bell, but what about the pies, you know what I mean?”

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