GameStopped! Uniontown GameStop throws a surprise closing party for employees!

By Anita Hanjaab


GameStop, who has seen it’s stock drop by an incredible 91% since Game Vault opened in Uniontown, treated it’s loyal employees to a surprise on Thursday morning in the form of time off. As in, permanent time off. The retail chain famously known for selling video games for $60 and buying them back from people for .60 cents has somehow found a way to nearly bankrupt itself, resulting in thousands of locations shutting down. 

Assistant store manager and hardcore gamer, Nathan ‘Noscope’ Nalbone said, “I showed up to open for the day and they were like, ‘BLAM we’re closing’ and I was like, ‘whaaaat, that’s cray!'”

We asked former funeral home director and financial expert, Stephen Kezmarsky if he had any advice for the failing business. He said, “I’d spend the last 30 days getting people to pre-pay for the new John Madden Football game coming this fall. Then, you take that money and you sponsor yourself a little league team. When the people show up to get their game, poof, you’re long gone. But those memories of the little kids in your jerseys are forever.”

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