Historical Uniontown street could be getting sex change

By Anita Hanjaab


Peter Street is one of the oldest streets in Uniontown, and while it runs parallel to Main Street, very little traffic can be seen driving this historic stretch in the modern day.  This however wasn’t enough to deter one young social justice warrior from taking up his sword and shield once more.  Aiden Maxwell, a senior at Laurel Highlands high school has started a petition that would request the name be changed from Peter Street to Labia Lane.  Aiden was granted permission to speak to the student body about his proposal.  

Part of Aiden’s impassioned speech in the auditorium:

“What image does the name Peter conjure up in our minds?  Masculinity, manhood…misogyny. For over a hundred years we have lived in a male dominated city, with streets named after these monsters.  But Uniontown no longer identifies with these barbarians. We demand that Peter Street’s gender be immediately reassigned to Labia Lane.”

Aiden’s petition currently has over 11 signatures, yet as of publishing time there is no indication if the city council is considering Aiden’s proposal.

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