LaBelle Man Receives Honorary Degree From Cal U After Solving Impossible Facebook Math Problem

By Justin Sider


Kristopher Lane, 31, of LaBelle, recently earned an honorary degree from California University of Pennsylvania after he correctly answered what some have called an “impossible” math problem, which is currently making its rounds on Facebook.

Lane, who only finished 10th grade, happened upon the complicated equation last week while Facebook stalking a girl on his street. “I saw she posted that math problem and it said only a genius could figure it out,” said Lane. “Well I don’t know that I’m no genius, but I’m pretty good at fixin’ lawnmowers, so I reckoned I’d give ‘er a shot,” he continued.

The problem, which involves pictures of a witch, a broom and a wand has stumped many Facebook users in recent weeks, however Lane was able to solve it on his first try.

When the faculty at California University was made aware of Lane’s staggering feat he was awarded an honorary diploma for the incredible achievement.

“California University proudly recognizes Kristopher Lane as having achieved a milestone that many will attempt, but few will reach,” said Alberta Weaver, Head of the Academic Department at Cal U.

When asked what complex process Lane used to solve the strenuous problem, he said, “I googled it.”

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