Man celebrates 50th birthday waiting for food at Sheetz

By Anita Hanjaab


Some people spend their birthdays in exotic locations, while others prefer to spend their special day with friends and family.  New Salem resident Elmer Bailey decided to spend his big 5-0 at Sheetz, or as most Fayette County residents commonly refer to it, “Sheetzes”, on route 40. Bailey stopped at the busy gas station for a bite to eat on his way home from work Tuesday.  What he didn’t know was that the touch screens at Sheetz were updating while he placed his order, and the order never went through. Bailey then stood there for a mind numbing 7 hours waiting for his food before he realized something could be wrong.  Bailey explains, “We’ve all waited ten minutes, heck, even a half hour or more at Sheetz. Just figured they was extra busy.” This incident comes on the heels of a young lady waiting for two hours when she didn’t hear her order called after she was forced to wait in the broom closet for a place to stand so she would stop getting run into by people in the store.  We asked Bailey if he was disappointed with his experience at Sheetz. He told us, “I guess I’m not happy about it, but ain’t nowhere else you gonna find two hot dogs with chilli round here.”

One thought on “Man celebrates 50th birthday waiting for food at Sheetz

  1. Just seeing the words “two hot dogs with chili” on my screen gave me the rumblies. I pressed accept…

    They usually don’t take this long, dang

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