Neighbors swoon as New Salem man carries all the groceries in one trip

By Willie Stroker 


A New Salem man became the talk of the town Sunday when he managed to carry 33 bags of groceries and a 12 pack of Monster energy drinks into his home, in one massive trip.

Brice Springer, 32, set the world record for most grocery bags carried in one trip while a crowd of mostly females gathered around to watch his herculean feat.

Onlooker Stacy McDonald said, “I wished I had a guy like that at home to teach my boys how to be a man.”

Springer told us, “I don’t know how I even did that, brah, I was done clangin’ and bangin’ at Planet Fitness, did some shopping at the Eagle, then I chugged a Rockstar.  Next thing you know I’m going balls out with 33 bags of groceries.”

We asked Brice’s girlfriend, Ashley how she felt about her boyfriend being in the Guinness book of World Records.  She said, “moist”.

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