No laughing matter, Fayettenam news organization an overnight success

In less than a week’s time the Fayettenam Times has gone Fayetteville County viral!  The news site claimed to be “ the #1 source of news and updates for Uniontown and the surrounding region” has been shared over 2,000 times, viewed over 33,000 times and gained over 700 Facebook likes within a 7 day period.  If you would like to write for the Fayettenam Times send a message to Editor In Chief, Perry, right on their Facebook page! Advertising slots are still available on the front page also, starting at $10 a week!  The Fayettenam Times even offers a Facebook group where you can report news as it happens! And as always, they can’t tell you to click those stupid ads on their page and then hit your “back” button, but they get paid ten cents every time you do! The local fake news outlets will not cover a real success story, get your FREE unbiased news from the Fayettenam Times and share their in depth stories with all of your friends and loved ones!

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