People who laugh at their own jokes aren't funny

By Justin Sider 


The Fayettenam times went undercover Monday afternoon to find out if people who laugh at their own jokes really are funny.  We followed West Leisenring native, Jake Buttbalmer to three local stores to find out how his jokes went over.

Our first stop was at Ollies Bargain Outlet where Buttbalmer dug out the only pair of coveralls without a price sticker.  “If it doesn’t have a price tag it must be free, right? HAHAHAHA,” Buttbalmer practically yelled to the cashier. The cashier in turn sent another employee to find the correct price, making everyone else wait in line for 10 minutes.  

Buttbalmer’s  next stop was at Five Below where Buttbalmer couldn’t wait to blurt out, you guessed it,  “It’s awfully warm in here for being Five Below! HAHAHA” to which the cashier didn’t even acknowledge hearing.  Buttbalmer then left the discount store without purchasing anything.

Luckily, our final destination was Sheetz, where Buttbalmer bought a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes.  After buying the cigarettes the 56 year old Buttbalmer looked the cashier dead in the eyes and said with a big belly laugh, “I think you forgot to card me, HAHAHA,” Obviously nobody laughed at this joke either.  

The Fayettenam Times is 100% confident that this experiment proves that it is NOT okay to laugh at your own jokes in public.  

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