Red Raider Robot Team poses no threat of stealing your girlfriend

By Dixie Normous


A little over a month ago at Garrett College in Maryland, 26 teams competed in a robotics tournament that would see the Raider Robotics Team combine with another squad to make it all the way to the finals, coming only a few points shy of winning the entire competition.  

Obviously, this second place finish was immeasurably better than the Raider football team has achieved in decades.  

We asked Cheerleader Taylor Adams if she might consider dumping her boyfriend, Justin Spencer who is a wide receiver on the Raider Football Team, for a member of the Raider Robotics Team. “Probably not (giggles), Justin is kinda mean to me but his parents just bought him a KIA and it’s like super nice. And Justin just got accepted to Cal U so I’m sure he’s gonna get a really good job someday.  Plus, like, I don’t know who those other guys are, but I’m super proud of them,” Adams said.

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