Ronco man suffers head injury, vows to pay child support

By Anita Hanjaab


In an unbelievable tale, Jeffrey Skovira, 32, of Ronco has miraculously survived having his skull pierced by a steel rod.  However, the story does not end there. Two weeks ago Skovira was enjoying his morning coffee and meth when a support post from a clogged gutter snapped loose and impaled his skull.  Skovira was rushed to the emergency room where surgeons were able to remove the rod, saving the man’s life.  

Days after the accident family members started to notice that Skovira was acting peculiar. “First thing he (Skovira) did when he got home was to start applying for one them jobs,” Skovira’s mother, Sheena said.  “We thought he was still high on them pain pills they gave him because he didn’t even touch his meth,” she continued.  

The strange behavior continued for the next few days.  “I knew something was wrong because I took them pain pills from him to take for my back and he still kept getting folks to take him to work,” Sheena said.  Yesterday however friends and family became very concerned. Neighbor, Cletus Billings describes the scene, “I brought Jeff back from work at the gas station and he asked to stop at Walmarts to cash his check, then he wanted to stop at his baby mamma house.  I figured, hell, he just wanted to borrow a few more bucks from her, but then I saw him give her all that money! I was like, damn!”

To date Skovira owes $7,461.29 in back child support that had never been paid on, until yesterday.  Severe brain injuries are known to cause personality changes, however most psychologists agree that they haven’t seen a case this severe to date. Sheena Skovira just wants her son back. “I was just  like so happy when they saved Jeff that day, but whatever came out of that hospital room, that ain’t my son,” Skovia said.

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