Star Junction McDonald's accidentally gets order right!

By Willie Stroker 


Friday night could be a night that Karen McCracken will never forget. “I had just picked the boys up from hockey practice and thought we might grab a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s”, McCracken explained.  The mom and her two children were exhausted from a long day so they used the Star Junction McDonald’s drive thru, which has a notoriously perfect success rate of messing up orders. McCracken continues, “I was too tired to stay and complain so I just figured I would do it when we got home.  I was actually on hold for the manager when I realized something… it was all there – and correct!”. When asked how she felt about the situation McCracken simply said, “I try to stay positive. Who knows? Maybe someday the milkshake machine will get fixed too!”. We asked drive thru specialist Brittany Klinger from Star Junction McDonald’s for insight on how this could occur.  She stated “It’s like I was telling my boyfriend’s mom, who is like, legit, my best friend in the whole world, we see literally like 8 million cars a day in the drive thru, eventually we’re gonna get something right!”.

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