State Police remind Republic residents to enjoy green meth responsibly

By Dixie Normous


The Pennsylvania State Police would like to remind Republic residents to enjoy green meth responsibly this St. Patrick’s Day.

While many people in Fayette County are left without St. Patrick’s Day plans due to Pennsylvania taverns and pubs being forced to close, the town of Republic will still celebrate the holiday by enjoying green crystal meth. 

Every year Tweaky ‘McTweakerson’ McGee adds an authentic Irish twist to his homemade treats from the basement meth lab in his Republic home, creating the green meth.

State Police spokesperson Robert Hannigan reminded Republic residents to enjoy their green meth in moderation. “Don’t drive,” he said. “And if you have to drive make sure it’s only to Brownsville McDonald’s and then straight home,” he continued.

We asked McTweakerson what his secret ingredient for the green meth is. “I ain’t gonna tell you dat, but let’s just say runnin’ from them police ain’t the only thing these feet is good for,” he said, pointing towards his toes.

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