Taco Bell holds Uniontown woman against her will for 47 minutes

By Willie Stroker


Wednesday night was a night Janey London will never forget. Deciding to grab a late night treat, London went to the Uniontown Taco Bell drive thru where she ordered 2 soft tacos and 2 Doritos Locos tacos. 

What happened next may shock you. Security footage shows another car pull in behind London, trapping her in the drive thru. Details of Janey’s abduction were posted on the Fayettenam Times official Facebook page.

London’s captors then tortured her with the aroma of steak chalupas and Cinnabon Delights for an excruciating 47 minutes before giving her the food and releasing her. 

Heidi Piper was also abducted, and is currently being treated for Stockholm Syndrome.

There is no word yet if London’s abductors have been apprehended. Steve Dillon is on record for telling London, “And that’s why they take so long. Once you’re in line they know you’re not goin anywhere.”, To which London replied, “I realized that. I was trapped 😮😮😮⚰️⚰️⚰️.”

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