This Rare Bug May Hold the Cure for COVID-19

By Willie Stroker


Scientists at California University of Pennsylvania may have made a breakthrough in the fight against the Coronavirus. The Halyomorpha halys, or brown stink bug, may hold the cure for the deadly virus.  Surprisingly, the researchers did not find the discovery in a lab.  A world renowned scientist found it at home while self quarantining.

Alejandro Musky, Professor of Medical Science at Cal U explains, “I was feeling a tad bit under the weather, so I made myself a fruit drink.  I didn’t notice that a stink bug had wandered his way down into the blender. I could tell by the smell that I had made myself a Stink Bug Smoothie, but I didn’t want to waste good fruit, so I chugged it down.  A few days later, BAM, I felt better than I had in years!”

The Medical Science Department at Cal U raced to test the medicine.

“We searched in hundreds of medical handbooks and testing equipment for as many stink bugs as we could find.  We got them all together and blended them up with some mangos and down the hatch they went,” Musky said.

None of the participants in the study have contracted COVID-19 since drinking the Musky Miracle, as it is being called, however it will still have to go through testing by the FDA before it is approved for human treatment.  

“I can’t tell you that smashing up a bunch of stink bugs and drinking them will cure you of COVID-19, but for $49.99 I will send you my book, ‘Crushing the COVID Catastrophe’, along with a free jar of brown marmorated stink bugs absolutely FREE, you just pay the shipping,’ Musky said.

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