Top 5 essential businesses you can still go to in Fayette County


In these times where all citizens are asked to only leave home for necessities, The Fayettenam Times has scoured Facebook for the remaining businesses that are most essential to your survival.

5.  Gabes –  McClellandtown Rd, Uniontown

Few things in life are more essential than shirts with small stains and pants with different sized legs.  So Gabe’s has you covered… mostly.

4.  Vinny’s Drive Thru – Connellsville Street

This now Fayette County famous picture shows a line of people ignoring social distancing rules to get their first taste of ice cream for the year.  The backlash caused Vinny’s to threaten many Facebook users into removing the picture from their pages. It is understandable that Vinny’s remains open because everybody knows, the only way to get ice cream is to rub yourself all over the person next to you for a half hour.

Vinny’s Drive In, Circa – Coronavirus

3.  GameStop – Walmart Drive, Uniontown

GameStop made national news when they refused to close their stores, stating that they are “essential”.  While some GameStop locations have been forced to close, the Uniontown store stands behind their belief that there is nothing more essential to life than The Sims.  Unfortunately, GameStop can not provide their workers with gloves, so they have been ordered to work with plastic bags wrapped around their hands.

Don’t believe us? CLICK HERE!

2. The Post Office – Fayette Street, Uniontown

If you’re stressed out by not having as many options to spread the Coronavirus around, why not just ship it to someone you love?  The post office is open daily to send the perfect “I love you”.

1. Walmart – Ground Zero

Here’s some more viral pictures making their way around Fayette County.  There’s no better place to stock up on all the essentials than Walmart.  Bread, milk, televisions, meat, headphones, water, LOL toys – if it’s essential you’ll find it at Walmart! And if you can’t, you can always get in a fight like the people below!

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