Top 5 places to get in a fight in Fayette county

By Justin Sider 


5. Walmart

It’s almost cliche at this point, but if you really need to throw them hands, Walmart is still an excellent choice. You’ll find plenty of people to brawl with, and the workers won’t mind the entertainment either.

4. Target

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, throw some blows in Target. Even better yet, mix it up in the Starbucks inside of Target. Just make sure to apologize to the millennials and soccer moms you’ve triggered before you run away.

3. The courthouse

You’re definitely going to get caught, and probably arrested. But what better place to exchange blows than the Fayette county courthouse? It’s like hitting a home run in Yankee stadium.

2. A dive bar

Take your pick. Titlow, Sails Inn, Caddyshack, just to name a few. Just accuse someone just staring at your girl. Or if you don’t have a girl, just stare at someone else’s. 

1 Your home

With services like Amazon and Grubhub less and less people are leaving their homes these days. Did your buddy leave the cereal open? Shank him! Boyfriend liking other girl’s posts? Lay some beat down right in your parents living room!

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