Top 5 things you may think are “essential” but actually aren’t

There is so much debate right now over what is actually “essential”. Is GameStop essential? Are beer distributors essential? We’re back with a Top 5 Tuesday to help clear things up!

5. Sheetzes food

Seriously, it’s gross anyways.  Save your money and go somewhere good when this is over.  And NO, not Speedway!

4. Wine

Sure Karen, your kids are annoying and Todd isn’t the love machine you thought he was when you met him on Match, but you don’t NEED to drink yourself into oblivion, honestly.

3. Fortnite

What could be more fun than buying the new Battlepass and getting those sweet skins your squad thinks are fire?  Buying enough food to live for a month perhaps.  

2. Hanging out with your jerk off friends in parking lots

I mean who doesn’t love standing around in parking lots showing off the new car your parents leased for you?  Everyone in the world who already thinks you’re a douche noodle anyways. Try putting a few less miles on that sweet KIA and a few more miles on Granny’s lifespan.

1. Drugs

Take your pick. Dope, blow, the devil’s lettuce, shrooms. Imagine if you had all the time in the world to finally get that ass clean.  No work to go to. None of the pressures of everyday life. No need to get blasted before you go prep that dough.  Just you, your mom’s couch and your remaining 17 teeth.

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