Trump to enter demolition derby at Fayette County Fair

By Pat Myaz


President Trump, hot off the heels of his historic opening lap at the Daytona 500 has announced that he will indeed enter the demolition derby at the 2020 Fayette County Fair.  While the White House could not yet be reached for further comment Trump was quoted as saying, “It will be a great day for Fayette County, and for America. A great day. These losers don’t want to play smash up derby with me, believe it.” The opening night of the 2020 Fayette County fair will be August 8th.  We will follow this historic story as it unfolds.

2 thoughts on “Trump to enter demolition derby at Fayette County Fair

  1. Not to be outdone by a non-fayettenamese scoundrel, former Uniontown Mayor Ed Fike plans to enter his own demo car co-sponsored by Martin Gatti and the Point Marion chapter of the ku klux klan. Nicknamed “Joe Czuchan” the former mayors whip can be seen circling city hall after scheduled council meetings and will likely be as ineffect as the councilman that ironically bears the same name.

    In a show of solidarity, current Uniontown Mayor Bill Gerke will reportedly supply the all-terrain tires to be used for the supercharged spectacle.

    This is a developing story.. will follow up asap

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