Uniontown High School to become Dollar General Center for Learning

By Pat Myaz


In an unprecedented deal, Dollar General has bought the naming rights to Uniontown Senior High School.  At the start of the 2020 school year the name of the school will officially be “Dollar General Center for Learning”.  Dollar General has reportedly paid $300,000 for the right to rebrand the historic school. Uniontown Superintendent Chuckles Molesty was quoted as saying, “Beyond the ability to expand our budget for 2020, this was a natural fit. Dollar General has for decades sold inferior products at low prices, while Uniontown High School’s modus operandi has long been a tradition of offering an inferior education and a subpar football program for free.”  The budgeting of the $300,000 will include $210,000 for repairs to the football field with new uniforms and equipment for the team, $3,100 in salary raises for teachers and $467 for new text books. We were unable to reach school officials as to where the remaining $86,433 will be allocated.

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