Uniontown man decides staying at home playing video games, eating snacks and watching Netflix isn’t really all that bad

By Willie Stroker


William Jenkins of Belmont Circle realized after 3 days of social distancing that staying home sometimes actually doesn’t suck.

Jenkins, 28, is a temporarily out of work teacher at LaFayette School.  “I was freaking out at first. Nobody likes going to work, but I was just starting to get friendly with Mrs. McTavish, our art teacher.  Now I won’t get to see her, and her husband isn’t fond of our sexting,” Jenkins said.

Since being home for 3 straight days Jenkins has finished Luigi’s Mansion 3, reached Officer Rank 2 on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, finally binge watched The Witcher, and finished an entire 8 pack of Snickers ice cream bars.

Jenkins said, “Yeah, I thought I would miss going out to eat and tanning and what have you, but I’m kind of starting to like this whole staying home and not going to work thing.  I can see why so many people around here do it.”

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