Uniontown Native Opposes New Assistant Secretary of Health

By Justin Sider


While many Uniontown residents took exception to the recent restaurant shutdown in Pennsylvania, few took the closing as hard as the city’s own “Dancing Dave”.

Sources close to Dave tell us that the dispute stems from the closing of Meloni’s Italian Restaurant, on West Main Street, in Uniontown.  For decades Dave has been a regular patron of Meloni’s and somewhat of a local legend among customers for his flashy style of dress, and his smooth dance moves.

A neighbor who claims to have spoken to Dave recently explained to us that when news of Ms. Levine’s cabinet appointment reached him, he started a petition to have it stopped.  Allegedly, if the petition route isn’t successful Dave will challenge Ms. Levine to the “only thing that can really settle a dispute between two adults”, a wet t-shirt contest and dance competition to the “Atomic Dog”, at O’Gillies Pub.

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