Uniontown streets in CHAOS – Chief of Police: "We may be dealing with a serial squisher"

By Anita Hanjaab


Uniontown Chief of Police Chasin Box warned citizens on Wednesday that there may be a serial squisher preying in innocent people in our streets.

For the third time in 3 weeks a Fayette County citizen has had their head crushed.

“Somehow the squisher is able to crush his victim’s heads in crowded, well lit areas, leaving no witnesses,” said Uniontown Chief of Police, Chasin Box. 

Box, who last week denied the possibility of a serial head crusher operating in our area has assigned himself to the serial squisher task force. 

Box offered this advice to concerned citizens, “There’s absolutely no reason for panic but going out alone at night without a weapon probably isn’t a great idea. Stay calm but keep your eyes open.”

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