Vanderbilt woman demands money back after Invisible Man movie turns out not to be about her baby daddy

By Rod Gozinya


Debbie Soltis, 36, of Vanderbilt feels slighted by the AMC movie theatre in the Uniontown Mall.  

Soltis paid for a ticket to the newly released Invisible Man remake in hopes that the movie would shed light on the disappearance of her son’s father, Dante. It turned out that the movie has nothing to do about her long lost baby daddy.

Soltis said, “We was together like 6 weeks back in 2012 and was planning to get married down at the courthouse.  Well we was partying and I told him I thought I was pregnant again. I went in the bathroom to get some meth to celebrate and when I came back mother (expletive) had vanished into thin air.”

AMC hesitantly refunded the woman’s money to her. Soltis says she will continue to hunt the truth about her baby daddy’s disappearance, but it may have to wait. “Not knowing is the worst part you know?  But them movies is almost ten bucks in there and I don’t get paid til’ the first.”

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