Woman who's been in Facebook jail for 2 weeks causes pandemonium by invoking the 5 second rule

By Dixie Normous


Janet Orbash, 31, of Brownsville caused mass hysteria in Sheetz on Thursday night when her hotdog became unseated from the bun and fell on the floor.

Orbash, whose main source of news comes from social media has been in Facebook jail for the last 2 weeks over an incident where she posted hilariously funny pornographic memes on her timeline.  

The incident occured when she dropped her hotdog on the floor and yelled out “one one thousand, two one thousand, GOT IT!”, then started eating the hotdog while onlookers stared in horror.

The slippery Sheetz hotdog then went down the wrong pipe causing her to furiously cough and choke on it.  When bystanders saw her face start to turn blue they charged the door, abandoning their life sustaining goods such as cigarettes and beer.  

Order was restored when one customer became so panicked that he ran into Orbash causing the chuck of hotdog to eject from her throat into his son’s hair. 

There’s no word on if Orbash has been released from Facebook jail yet at this time.

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